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Treinando a próxima geração de instrutores IMPACT



20 - 22 OCTOBER 2023


27 - 29 OCTOBER 2023


3 - 5 NOVEMBER 2023

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Get ready, IMPACT is coming to Europe!
Making life flow a little easier
Once you know that you can absolutely deal with a range of tough situations, life seems to flow a little easier! And, despite all the amazing physical skills IMPACT teaches, the best thing you gain is the understanding of how NOT to fight; and, instead, how to see trouble coming and avoid it, how to talk your way out of sticky situations, and how to maintain grace under pressure.


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Noemie Tellier

All-Gender Basics Graduate

“This concept allows those who do not have self-confidence
(whatever their experience) to feel safer, to dare to set their limits by using both verbal and physical strategies."

Agnes Sepio

All-Gender Basics Graduate

"These few hours of the course allowed me to discover myself and learn a lot about myself and my resources."

Cora B.

Teen's class Graduate

"This is a class I was very nervous to take. I considered doing it last summer and backed out because I was worried it would be too much for me to handle. I'm very glad I chose to take it this year! It has greatly impacted my self confidence and feeling of safety. I feel like I'm able to be more independent now and self-reliant. It was a great experience!"
  • What type of self-defense do you teach?
    Our goal is to empower individuals to make effective personal safety choices. In an emotionally supportive environment, you will practice both verbal and physical skills with our fully padded mock assailant. With this unique physical training method, you can deliver full-force, full-contact knock-out blows to vulnerable areas on the padded assailant’s body in dynamic, interactive fights. Training also includes verbal self-defense strategies practiced in role playing scenarios in a wide array of contexts, dealing with strangers as well as people you know.
  • Is IMPACT a form of martial arts?
    No. While the IMPACT system owes credit to many different martial arts such as Krav Maga, Aikido and Tae Kwon Do, it does not share the discipline or fitness goals of martial arts. It can best be described as street fighting, which is appropriate as most attacks are scrappy, no-rules attacks.
  • What will I learn?
    You will learn the most common ways that individuals are attacked as well as the strategies and psychology of assailants. Classes prepare you mentally and physically to handle the full range of challenging situations that we all face in our daily lives, including the danger of extreme circumstances. Specifically, you will learn to: Avoid danger by heightening your awareness. Shorten your body’s natural “freeze” response. Capitalize on the adrenaline rush (your body’s response to fear and danger). Assess situations quickly and respond decisively. Use your voice, brain, body and spirit to stay safe.
  • What other benefits will I receive?
    The benefits of class go beyond learning how to stay safe or how to intervene in a potentially violent encounter. Our graduates report positive effects such as: Greater general awareness and confidence. Increased self-esteem and assertiveness. Ability to communicate clearly and directly. Creative and flexible problem solving skills. Improved leadership skills. More focus and effectiveness at work. Calm and clear-headed thinking during stress or crisis.
  • Who teaches the classes?
    Our instructors undergo hundreds of hours of training and supervision to earn their certification from nationally recognized instructor trainers. They are professionals dedicated to ending the cycle of violence. Both our padded and lead instructors are vetted and screened before being accepted into our training program.
  • Will these techniques work for me?
    That is really up to you. Once you are in touch with your fighting spirit and know your life is worth fighting for, you will fight successfully. We believe that the one who decides to win the fight does just that.
  • What if I have special needs?
    We are committed to removing barriers for all interested students. Our instructors will adapt the techniques to work with your physical challenges or pre-existing injuries. We’ve taught 90-year olds in walkers, people with cerebral palsy, and people with typical athlete joint injuries. In fact, the blindfold fighting techniques in our Advanced Course came out of working with a group of blind students.
  • What is “Personal Safety”?
    We define personal safety in a broad context. Personal safety is external awareness of our environment, choices about how we behave, how we speak to others, and how we let others speak to us. In its simplest sense, it is the skills needed to set limits in situations that make us uncomfortable or are potentially dangerous. It includes how we feel about ourselves (self-esteem, self-efficacy, and confidence), how we relate to our bodies, and how to trust our instincts.

Onde Estamos

Nós temos ensinado o método IMPACT nos Estados Unidos, México, Costa Rica,  Brasil, Praga, Albânia, Israel, Ruanda e Tailândia.

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Apoie nossa jornada

Vamos retribuir à nossa comunidade. A IMPACT oferece um espaço onde os alunos podem colaborar, aprender e crescer.Sua doação vai diretamente para os alunos que serão beneficiados.

Faça uma doação para IMPACT Personal Safety, SoCal International Scholarship fund.


Algumas estatísticas

As mulheres que completam uma aula de autodefesa de empoderamento são menos propensas a serem alvos de uma agressão. Seis estudos ao longo dos últimos anos, encontraram diminuições significativas no assédio e coerção sexual bem como na violência física.

Você quer ser um Instrutor com armadura especial? 

Uma coisa que torna o método IMPACT único é a “Armadura”. A metodologia IMPACT foi criada  nos Estados Unidos e agora chega ao Brasil trazendo um treinamento único e efetivo.

Nossos instrutores são equipados com um traje de proteção especial para combate, desenvolvido para que nossos alunos possam atacar com toda a força, e descobrir o que é preciso para enfrentar uma pessoa fisicamente mais forte ou, ainda, para executar um golpe final a um agressor. Eles são protegidos da cabeça aos pés, o que proporciona aos alunos a oportunidade única de reagir usando todas as suas forças sem hesitação.


Ou uma Instrutora Líder?

IMPACT é um método de autodefesa com aulas lideradas por mulheres que trabalham em conjunto com homens, modelando para os alunos, e mostrando como essa parceria pode funcionar e como as mulheres podem liderar.


A instrutora líder tem a oportunidade de afetar as vidas positivamente.  Capacitar e ensinar aos indivíduos que vale a pena lutar por suas vidas, e ensinar-lhes as habilidades para permanecerem em segurança é a recompensa final

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