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Training the next generation of IMPACT instructors


What we do

We are here to train the next generation of IMPACT instructors worldwide. With this training, students will have access to IMPACT’s resources and learn how to create a successful career as an instructor in our growing community.


Our goal

Our goal is to establish a network of highly skilled and experienced instructors ready to offer their services in any location worldwide. Our branch managers and instructors will carry out that mission, take responsibility for training methods, and create opportunities for people who want to be instructors.

What we do
Training Program

Who we are

We are a dedicated group of people working to end the cycle of violence throughout the world. We continue to travel around the world to teach IMPACT, train the new generation of IMPACT instructors, and inspire others. We hope you will join us in this mission!

Who we are

Our Training Programs

We provide 16-hour IMPACT classes, train individual people to be instructors, and create branches around the world.
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Where we are

We have taught IMPACT Classes in the United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Brasil, Prague, Albania, Israel, Rwanda, and Thailand.

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Where we are

Support our journey

Let's give back to our community. IMPACT provides a space where students can collaborate, learn and grow. Your donation goes directly to the students who will benefit from it.

Donate to IMPACT Personal Safety, SoCal International Scholarship fund.


Some Statistics

Women who complete an empowerment self-defense class are less likely to be the targets of assault. Six studies over the past several years,  found significant decreases in sexual harassment, sexual coercion and physical violence.
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Contact us

Do you want to be a Suited Instructor?

One thing that makes IMPACT unique is “the suit.” Perhaps you’ve seen them on TV or at a local event.

Our padded instructors wear specially designed protective armor so that our students can strike full force and find out what it takes to confront a more prominent person or to deliver a knockout blow to an aggressor. They are protected from head to toe, providing students with the unique opportunity to fight back using all of their strength without hesitation.


or a Lead Instructor?

IMPACT is a self-defense class led by women working in partnership alongside men, modeling for students how this partnership can work and how women can lead.


The lead instructor has the opportunity to affect lives positively.  Empowering and teaching individuals that their lives are worth fighting for and teaching them the skills to stay safe is the ultimate reward.


Your training starts here!

Thanks for applying to train with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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